Advance payments


What about the Advance payments against sales order / purchase order In Axapta ?

I gone through the manuals , I could not find .

Please let me know.

Process a cash payment or a miscellaneous payment to a supplier and do not apply it to an invoice. This is then an open payment on account that you can apply to the invoice once it is produced through the edit open transactions option.

Thanks Steven,

That means there is no standard Functionality called “Advance payments “ what Navision contains in 5.0 Version.

This is what I am asking.

On e more doubt is what about the Documents Approvals for Purchase order / Sales orders in Axapta ?

Is it there in Axapta ?

Thanks in Advance.

Well that was not your question and there was no NAV 5 comparison statement - it helps if you actually write what you want rather than a generic question that can only be answered in one way.

Yes AX has document approvals, it would be handled thorough workflow

As for advanced applied SO payments you would need a more finance orientated person to answer that so do not assume it is not there.

Thanks Sir,

I am working Axpata 4.0 .

Let me know the path to go for the Document Approvals , because i could not find in sales order & Purchase orders. So throw some help on this .

Second thing is In navision we called the Advance payments . then what u called the in Axapta ?

because we need to pay some amount to vendor for a purchase order and that amount should update in Purchase order ( proforma Invoice ).

so please let me know is it availale in Axapta .

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My reference for document management does not exist in 4, only AX2009.

There is no advanced payment of this type in AX to my knowledge, but perhaps someone with more accounts knowledge than me can add to this.

Thanks Sir ,

Adam wrote :

Yes AX has document approvals, it would be handled thorough workflow

Atleast let me know the path to go for Work flow ( i think work flow is nothing but a Authorization before it send it to vendor )

please let me know.

Workflow is an AX2009 function that is configured per module, there are a number of pre-set workflows the rest are defined by you. The workflow configurations are in teh setup of each module, out side of these the workflow requirements are defined in the AOT by developers.

Thanks Adam ,

Probelm solved.

That means in AX 4.0 there is No work flow concept , Only AX 2009 has that work flow ( multi level authorization / document approvals)