Advance payment to supplier


Is there a way in nav to linked the payment of diff vendor into one Vendor.

This is scenario:

We create a PO for vendor(abc) then that will be pay the charges in advance, but to diff supplier vendor(ex. Bureau of Custom). Is there a way to do that in nav. or do you encountered that scenario…hoping for your Reply. :smiley:

you mean setting vendor ABC in the PO as buy from vendor in PO header

and Bureau of Custom as pay to vendor will not solve the problem?


We pay the PO in installment payment…Exmple

First payment is vendor(A)
Second payment is vendor(B)
Third payment is vendor(C)

This payment is particular or related to that PO.

i’m not sure what is exactly your case but what i usually do is the following:

Create Purchase order for items

create separate purchase orders from different vendors for custom duties, freight,…

the regular case, is post receive the purchase order, then assign each of the ‚Äúcharge item‚ÄĚ PO‚Äôs to that order.

in some cases customers pay these charges before receiving the products, and they want to link these charges to PO without assignment. i create a dimension called ‚Äúpurchase order‚ÄĚ containing the order number and i assign it to the PO all related ‚ÄúPrepaid‚ÄĚ charges.

in some cases we make a customization depending on the customer’s needs

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks ROMEO…I thinks this is the solution im looking for…but still have one question…Is that Charge item will be part of the COST of the origianl PO?hoping for your reply…thanks[:)]

once assigned to the purchase receipt entries of the PO, yes, the item cost will be purchase price + all assigned costs

ah…Thank you very much…for the support…TY[:)]

Hi again, I have another question, we have different Account for Inventory and COGS, if I will post an charge item and I have diff. inventory per item…in one PO

what will be the Entry for that…I was wondering if will go equally to the inventory account of the Item?hoping for your reply…ty

it will take the COGS & direct cost applied account from the setup of product posting group of the charge item,

the inventory account will be the one used for items. (inventory posting group-Location)

We have diff. inventory and Cogs account per Item category, It means we will create diff. charge item for each per item Category? Is my understanding correct?hoping for your reply…ty

in your case yes.

when making the setup, i usually use the same account for all item categories, and create a dimension called ‚Äúitem category‚ÄĚ and use dimension values to get detailed information per categorie.

Thanks…for your Advise…I really appreciate it…TY[:)]