Advance Filter and Add field in Grid

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in some Form in Dynamics Ax like this picture , we can add n:1 and 1:n

  1. how Can add customize field in Grid

  2. Where are the Filter fields? in Dynamics ax

  3. What is the use?

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What version are you using? Your advanced filter form looks different than ours, which is AX 2012 R2. I can only address that version.

  1. how Can add customize field in Grid

In what grid? In a list page’s grid, or in the advanced filter grid?

In the advanced filter grid, you just need to find the field, whether it’s a custom field or an out of the box field. Figure out what table it is in and how that table relates to the ones already in the advanced filter tree, then link up 1:n or n:1 related tables until you can get to the field.

In a list page’s grid, right click the grid and select Personalize. Then, on the Layout tab, click the Add Fields button. Again, you will have to figure out where the field you want to add is. Select the field and close the forms. When you reopen the list page, the new column should be there.

  1. Where are the Filter fields? in Dynamics ax

In the advanced filter form? There are in the grid. You can click the Add button to add another row and select whatever field is available to set a criterion.

  1. What is the use?

You can save advanced filters (click the Modify … button), giving it a name. So you can filter and sort a list page 5 different ways and save each one: then, any time you want to see the list page with a particular filter and/or sort, you just select it by name in the Select Query drop down at the top of the advanced filter form.