I am writing from Navision to a SQL Database using ADO 2.8. I can do this using ADOConnection.Execute but would like to do this using ADOCommand.Execute. Does anyone know how to instantiate the command object?

By the way ADOCommand.ActiveConnection := ADOConn.State; does not work.

Also what is the fastest way to insert records into SQL with ADO? Do I use ADORecordset.AddNew, ADOCommand.Execute(with an insert into query) or some other method?


I have a set of Navision Objects that query the SQL system to get the DBCC Showcontig details into a newly created “Table” in sql server.

So the code creates a table in SQL, populates it with the DBCC Showcontig details, uses that to do a DBCC Reindex etc… then deletes it.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you are trying to acheive, PM me an email address and I will send you the objects.

I would need to look through it all and work out if I am able to publicly release it here before adding it to the downloads section etc…


What method are you using to get the records back into SQL? ADORecordSet.Addnew, Innsert Into or something else?

Hi, Sorry took so long to get back to you went on a last minute trip.

RecordsAffected := 0;

// Command Option Values:
// adCmdFile : 256 = Evaluate as a previously persisted file
// adCmdStoredProc : 4 = Evaluate as a stored procedure
// adCmdTable : 2 = Have the provider generate a SQL query and return all rows from the specified table
// adCmdTableDirect : 512 = Return all rows from the specified table
// adCmdText : 1 = Evaluate as a textual definition
// adCmdUnknown : 8 = The type of the CommandText parameter is unknown
// adCmdUnspecified : -1 = Default, does not specify how to evaluate

Options := 1;

IF ADOConnection.State = 1 THEN BEGIN
IF CurrentDB = ‘’ THEN
CurrentDB := GetCurrentDB;

ADOConnection.CommandTimeout(0); // Timeout set to indefinitely


Try that.


use variant data type variable to cast type:

var_variant := adoConnection;
cmd.ActiveConnection := var_variant;
cmd.CommandText := ‘Select * …’;

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