ADO DSN connection to Navision ODBC HELP!!!!

We are running an ASP application written in JScript that relies on an ADO DSN connection to Navision ODBC and creates ADO record sets
After upgrading the companies Nav executable from 3.6 to version 5.0 we are now encountering many ODBC connection errors in the ASP web application, and have the same errors on a FEDEX application
Our ASP web app is running on IIS 5 win server 2003 and has .NET 2.x installed
Testing the ODBC- DSN in an “import external data” function from Excel fires no errors.

ADO errors:
Initially we had error
[Simba][SimbaEngine ODBC Driver][DRM File Library] combination of user ID and password entered is invalid

After coding the ADO connection string to include username and password the above error was resolved
However - now when the application attempts to create a RecordSet it fires a new ODBC error:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005’
[Simba][SimbaEngine ODBC Driver][DRM File Library]Too many columns. Some columns are omitted

ADO ODBC DSN no longer works in our environment and is causing major disruption to business process
It worked fine on nav 3.6 CODBC for many years

Brief description on how the app works:
ASP Application - JSCRIPT - running on IIS 5

app makes ADOBC connection - then creates a set of ADO disconnectedrecord sets from data base queries

the query results are used to construct JScript arrays
the arrays drive ODPF engine - creating PDFs on the fly

they are saved to folder BATCH

can any guru out there help??? I’m desperate!!!

When you upgraded your executables, did you also upgrade your NODBC drivers?