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Does anyone know why the memory would spike on our AX application server at some specific time.

I mean we are geting memory problems for our ax Application server at exactly 1:20 pm.


There may be a scheduled event running at 1:20, e.g. a batch job, a scheduled service call or so.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the Reply. I have checked all the batch processes that is running around that time of 1:20.

I also checked in “Batch job history” form. But could not find any thing running at that exact time except the alert batch process.

I also executed all the batch jobs manually setting time to 5 min and checked each and every batch job. All of them executed successfully.

Is there any other chances to get this problem. Please help me.

My Application is being accessed by .net application. Does .net application have a chance to cause this memory problem.

There is a way to analyze what the memory belongs to - make a memory snapshot before and during the peak, compare them and analyze the data. There are specialized tools for this kind of work, but it’s still quite difficult. I would do that only if everything else fails (and I would probably succeed only if it’s memory allocated by .NET).

Of course, it’s possible that it’s caused by an application using the AOS via Business Connector or WCF. Check whether something like that happens at that time.

I can’t comment your .NET application, because I don’t know anything about it, but if it connects to AX, it surely can execute something consuming memory there.

Thanks for the replay.