admin rights gone

Hi, One of our admin users was changing User group permissions, upon doing so suddenly the administrator button disappeared for all the users in the admin group (including user admin). We can no longer administrator our axapta now. Is there any way we can get admin rights back in an easy way without doing a restore? Cheers, Andy

Hi, This is from old faithfull Technet but I haven’t tested yet DOCUMENT Unable to get inside of Axapta even with Admin If you have seen this screen before after logging into Axapta, I might be problems with the AccessRightsList table. You probably just updated your Axapta or have imported some user security rights and are not able to use Axapta anymore. The solution is simple. Go to the AccessRightsList table and look at the columns “AccessType” and “AccessTypeFkeyUse”. The enum value correspond to 0 = No access 1 = View 2 = Edit 3 = Create 4 = Full control For the Admin user it should always be 4 in both columns. If not you can do following Open Enterprise Mananger and return all rows in AccessRightsList. Press the little SQL button and write the following code and press the little exclamation mark !. Verify that it changed the value in the columns and close the windows. Try to open Axapta with the corresponding user. UPDATE ACCESSRIGHTSLIST SET ACCESSTYPE = 4 WHERE GROUPID = ‘Admin’ UPDATE ACCESSRIGHTSLIST SET ACCESSTYPEFKEYUSE = 4 WHERE GROUPID = ‘Admin’ Good Luck!

K.K, Thanks, this has helped alot, admin rights seem ok now but we get some unexpected critical stop errors in the infolog when going to the security settings, saying Featurekey invalid: 63514. Any ideas on these errors? We get them 3 times, something with gateway, status and another one which I can’t really translate :frowning: Any help on getting these errors resolved? Thanks in advance, Andy

Hi, sounds very strange! Ahe Id numbers over 60000 are for kernel objects. The problem may be from corrupted licence information. What about creating a new database ? Copy the application and connect it to an empty database. Set configuratin, companies virtual companies etc. Copy user group rights from old system Then export-import from data from all companies but not the DAT company into the new database. br,

Hey, Can you give me a link to the technet where you got the info? Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy, Unfortunately Technet doesn’t exist no more. Currently the entire discussion threads, articles etc from Technet are being migrated to Axapta newsgroups here - Coming to your problem, try running Consistency check under Basic → Periodic. Try with ‘Correct error’ option in Check/Fix field. Please be aware that this might take some time. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu