Admin group Scurity

  • HI,i wants tocreate two admin group in AXAPTA 2009, one group should have the all right in AX like super admin and other gruop should have the right like addind the user,provididng the access the right to the user,instalation of client etc but can not have full right like super admin group and should not be able to promote themself as super per ax security architecture this can not be done directly, i am looking a way around to achieve this,

Thanks in Advance!!!


Bhanu Pratap Singh

You just need two create two groups, work your way through Administration and Basic, turn off what is necessary both roles.

Or create on role for Super Admin, then export, create a second group and import permissions from Super Admin, then reduce and this can be your Basic Admin role.

I do not believe client installation comes into AX security as this is based on rights and permissions on the network and the machine to allow program installations, nothing to do with AX as the client isn’t on the machine yet.