My client has posted some transactions with exchange rate whereas they were not surpost to have any. I now want to sort out the mess by adjusting the transactions already posted and i am thinking of running exchange rate adjustment batch job and reduce my currency to 1, am i on the right track please assist me!




I will suggest you to try this first in test database.

Exchange rate adjustment will post the exchnge gain or loss based on the exchange rates.

You have to be sure that the transactions were posted on appropiate exchange rate. if wrong value of exchange rate is used, it will create further mess for you.


The general process was wrong it was not surpost to have been posted using exchange rate! I have tested the process it is working and now my challenge is if it posts to my exchange rate gain/losses a/c.I am trying to run the batch job but i am getting this error! please advise me the way forward, otherwise thanks for your kind help!

Gen. Posting Type must not be in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’.

You can debug the error to get a way out.[*-)]

Thanks i found out that i was getting the error from version 4 of nav and it well worked with version 6. Thanks for your kindness.