Adjusting invoiced PO - purchase order

Hello - I was wondering how to adjust an invoice after it has been paid? The PO is invoiced ($10.000). Now vendor contacts me and tells me that i can reduce the purchase cost by $5.000. How do i take the credit from vendor and how do i reduce the actual cost of the original purchase??

Can i just go to closing and adjustment inventory form and enter -$5000?

How would you do it?

Many thanks

I would load two more lines onto the PO, negative for the quantity originally received and at the original cost, and then a postiive line at the new cost.

If I have used them I would perhaps raise a sundry credit against the vendor for the difference and adjust the inventory cost rhoguh the closing and adjustment process.

Yes…You can reduce cost of posted invoice and Dr to vendor account…You should use Charge for doing this job…