Adjusting Inventory Val.-Closed item ledger entry

Dan, Let me know if you can follow my steps on the previous page. That should give us a better idea of what we’re up against.

Good morning Chris and Steve and Welcome to Devinder, Thanks to all of you for your help. Here are a couple of new things. I tried Chris’ suggestion of running an Inventory Valuation report as of 12/31/9999 and the item did disappear. In fact it disappeared for all of the items that I checked that have similar problems. I then came back to 12/31/04 and they again disappeared. Finally I found that on 12/29/04 these items do not show any more. They are there on 12/28/04 but not on 12/29/04. Chris I did not do the other steps you suggested. My questions are these: 1 Why would they disappear on 12/29/04? 2 Does this suggest any corrective action that I can take now? 3 If I do nothing, will these problems be corrected “automatically” on 12/29/04? In response to Devinder, we did change from an average costing method to LIFO in early 2004. Work was done on the change on 1/9/04 and then again on 4/9/04. It’s my understanding that not everything went well on 1/9/04. Most of the questionable entries have dates of 12/29/03 and 1/9/04 and most of them have the same document number of IJ-1052. Not all have the 12/29/03 date but all that I have checked do have the 1/9/04 date. Note that the items above clear up on the Inventory Report on 12/29/04, exactly 1 year after the 12/29/03 date. Is this coincidence or are they related? If I follow your suggestion Devinder, what dates would I use for the positive and negative adjustments and for how much? Any new thoughts? Thanks again to all. You’ve been very kind. Dan

Hi Dan Do you have any value entries as of 12/29/04 in the system? Seems strange that the difference is visible on 12/28/04 but not on 12/29/04, almost as though your error is corrected on this date. I would not do any corrections, if it is okay with an ending date after 12/29/04 it implies the correction is at this date, and if you correct now to get 0 it should mean at 12/29/04 it will be out!

Just a quick thought, did someone run the adjust cost routine in January 04 for 29 Dec 03, but didi not enter year so posted in 04 rather than 03? Apologies for butting in.

Hi Steve, Yes, I have value totals as of 12/29/04 on the Inventory Valuation report and it looks like an accurate report. Dan

Fairbanks, We did not even know we were supposed to do the adjust cost routine through the periodic activities until early 2004. I don’t know when we started it but it was probably in the March - May time frame. My guess is the date used would have been the date it was run. Thanks for asking. Dan

Dan, Your problem is with the dates in the Item Application Entry Table (339). You (or a developer) should be able to find the application record for the item(s) at fault. Here are the basic steps: 1) Find the Entry No. for the positive and negative entries that show up on the report. (I beleive that these are displayed on the report). 2) Find the entry in table 339 which matches these (Usually Inbound Item Entry No. = Positive Entry No. from (1) and Outbound Entry No. = Negative Entry No. from (1)) 3) Once you find this record, check the Posting Date. I would assume that this date is 12/29/04. This just points you in the direction of finding the problem (Hopefully that’s it), the solution is next [;)] Steve, This is more based on the way the US Version of the Inventory Valuation uses the application entry to re-calculate it’s own costs.

Hi Dan I meant ONLY on 12/29/04, but it seems Chris is walking you thorugh this. Hi Chris The US inventory valuation will forever remain a mystery to me [:D]

Hi Chris, I’ll check that out on the table 339 and get back probably some time on Monday. Thanks Dan

Hi Chris and Steve, I hope you both had a good week end. OK -here’s what I did. I went to the Item Card for several of the items in question. (Certainly not all of them) From there I found the entry no. for the entries we are questioning. I then went to Report 339 on the Object Designer. For the positive entry nos. I looked in the Inbound Item Entry # column using the entry number I found on the item cards. For the negative nos. I looked in the outbound Item Entry # column. One negative entry was not in the Outbound but was in the Inbound. I don’t understand that one. The Cost Application column was still checked for that one. At any rate, the posting dates I found on report 339 were 12/29/03, 12/31/03, and 12/29/04. By far the majority were 12/29/04 for the ones I checked. Regardless of the posting dates on report 339, the questionable items appear on the Inventory Valuation report of 12/28/04 but they all disappear on the report for 12/29/04. I hope that gives some direction. Thanks. Dan

Hi Dan I will leave Chris to answer fully as he has the experience from the US inventory valuation perspective, but from what you have said it seems that the application of the values will correct itself as of 12/29/04 and therefore I would correct nothing. Be aware of issues in the next 5 weeks due to the application date in the future, but after this the system will be correct. Or am I completely misunderstanding this [:)] Over to Chris [:D]

Dan, Interrupting again, but I would check your posting dates so as to prevent any forward posting (as required - i.e next period/year end). This should then not happen again. Richard

Hi, Inventory Valuation went through many changes (3.10, 3.60, 3.70 and 4.0). These changes included basic approach changes and some fixes. I would recommend you ask your partner if you have all the fixes in your database. Maybe not your current partner if he “forgot” to tell you about importance of inventory valuation batch jobs [V] I helped our local customer with similar problems (in 3.60) and we discovered there was more to the problem that they originaly thought. There is a lot of documentation available at PartnerSource (its partner confidential [:(]).

As Steve says, you are probably better just leaving things and running your “current” report for 12/29/04. There is definately an issue with the Posting Dates in Table 339, but I couldn’t tell you if it is bad data or an ongoing issue. If it’s bad data, it will be fixed on the 29th…If it is an ongoing issue, you will need someone to look at it.

Hi Steve and Chris, Thanks for all you have done. I’m going to follow your advice and wait until 12/29 to see what happens. From what I see here it should clear up. Regardless, I’ll let you both know the results. Thanks again. Dan

Dan, Hope everything works. You might want to keep an eye on Table 339 as well to make sure that there are no “new” entries with the Posting Date in the future.

Hi Dan I second the comments of Chris - good luck [:D]

Hi Everyone, Good news! These problems cleared up on 12/29/04, like we anticipated. My thanks to everyone who was involved in helping us find the cause and resolution to the problem. Best wishes to all.[:D] Dan