Adjusting advance payment to vendor

need help for adjusting advance payment to vender invoices

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You need to create Payment entry for recording the advance given to vendor.

After that you need to book the vendor invoices and apply the payment entries against invoices from Vendor Ledger entry screen.

Hi Balu,

With the help of apply entries, we can map (adjust) the pre-payment with the bills.

Hi Balu

i have a following scenario for which i need answers

a) TDS to be deducted while making multiple advance payment to a single vendor

b) At the time of making Purchase Invoice the above TDS to be taken in to account and NAV should calculate TDS on the difference amount.

We tried applying the single advance payment with the Purchase Invoice (Using Apply Document Number in Purchase Header) but NAV is calculating the TDS wrongly if there are more than one advance payment linked to the current invoice.

Please guide us on the above