Adjust Posting/Tax Point date in posted invoices


Some of our Posting/Tax point dates are wrong in Posted Sales Invoices.

Changing this field in admin would have knock on effects with other related tables such as

  • G/L Entries
  • Item Entries
  • Customer Entries .

Does anyone know a list of all the tables that would also need to be adjusted accordingly - or is it just the above?

If someone can reply to this with a full list of related tables, then I would be happy to post back a C/AL function to allow adjustment of this date (which would also lookup and adjust the other tables too).

Thank you

Dave K

The easiest way to find all tables is trying to post an invoice while using SQL Server Profiler.

You already named all main tables, their supplementary tables (Value entry for ILE, Det.Cust. Ledger entries etc etc) should not be forgot, too. I can’t give you full list, because that changes from one NAV localisation to another, especially when we speak about taxes. You may have additional tables, which are not present in any other country localisation.

All document tables are of no importance from system point of view - as you obviously know, doc tables can be even cleaned up to free DB space from years old documents, although you may wish to update these, too, in case someone looks up such posted doc and wants to check if the date(s) are corrected.

BUT - keep in mind, that no enduser license allows to modify data in GL and several other main tables - it is possible only with so called Partner license. You can write the function, but no enduser, even with maximum permissions, will not be allowed to run it.