Adjust Item cost Entries batch Job - Dimension code

Hi All,

I am working on Nav 4.0 sp3.

When I run the Adjust Item cost Entries batch Job system throws this message.

. Select a Dimension Value Code for the Dimension Code AREA for G/L Account 3222

I know that we setup Dimension code mandatory for that Account.

I couldnot understand where I need to select that Dimensions , because in AICE batch jon I could not find any dimensions.

Please let me know where can I select that Dimensions.

It seems there are posted entries for which this dimension value is not specified, one of the possible reason can be that earlier “Value Posting” for this account was

not “Code Mandatory”.

If I were to resolve this issue, then I will turn debugger ON and see which entry is throwing this error and act accordingly.

You may perhaps have to modify (using C/AL Code) the Ledger Entries (If it is a global dimension).

PS: It is strongly recommended to not to change the ledger entries, it may be illegal in some countries.


but As for as i know that i need to change any code or something.

the system says just assign the Dimension code , so how to setup that one when i run the AICE.

please let me know the path.

sorry ,

As for As i know that i need not to change that C/ Al code.

system is doing correct , just i need to setup that dimensions.

so please let me know how to assign that dimensions when i run AICE

Now when you already have postings done, quickest way to find out line(s) causing error is as Dhan suggested - use debbuger and examine at what records (lines) it stops, then with Developers access you can insert the missing Dim values.

OR - temporarily turn off CodeMandatory for G/L Acc in question - this will allow you to run batch job, BUT THEN in some G/L entries Dims will be missing.

After you find out where the Dims were missing, you should put the Mandatory-ness of them one level up, because now you have a situation, where SO/PO/something else is allowed to be posted without these Dim(s), but these same Dim(s) are mandatory on G/L level. So, further on nothing can be posted with unentered necessary Dims.

  • i’ll recommend this one: