Adjust Exchanges Rates Batch Job Posting - NAV 4.0 SP3


We have problem with Adjust Exchanges Rates Batch job in NAV 4.0 SP3 in Croatia.
When running batch job, near finishing “Bank Account …” part of job (near 100%) we get error message: "Gen. Posting Type must not be in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’, Journal Batch Name=’’, Line No. = ‘0’.

We tried to trace in codeunits, and in setup’s to find why this job won’t go through.

Job parameters that I entered are:
Currncy Tab:

Field code: AUD|EUR|USD|CHF

Options Tab:

Starting date: 01.01.09
Ending date: 31.12.09
Posting date: 31.12.09
Adjust Customer, Vendor and Bank Accounts … YES

Also when i tried to run this batch job for only one currency (EUR) I get same error, but this time it comes to 100% of Customer.

Please HELP!!



We have solved issue with Adjust Exchanges Rates Batch Job posting.

Account set-up for Gain/Loss Accounts needs to be empty for all fields.
When we removed General Posting Group and Product Posting Group Setup, posting went through.