Adjust Exchange Rates. report issue

Hi all,

My client run the Adjust Exchange Rates. report on NAV 4.0 sp3 with

Posting Date:: 30 April 2013

But according to him the entries are adjusted using the 31st march 2013 exchange rate.

How to check this? in which tables.? what field i should check so that i can determine if the user selected correct Posting date.

and what can be the cause of this problem.

Please any suggestions.

Hi Pooja,

You can check the posting dates of the adjustment entries created by the system.

Is Exchange rate was defined in Exchage rate table for that Currency and date ??

Sir i can check but in G/L entry table how to determine that the adjustment entry is for which invoice.

Or should i go into the Vendor Ledger entry and then look up to Detailed Vendor Ledger entry and check the posting date…?

Please help

You can check the gl entry created by the adjust exchange rate job. It will have the document no. and dates given by the user and use the gl account according the currency table.

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