Adjust exchange rate batch job problem

Hi, I have a problem when I run the adjust exchange rate batch job in Navision 4.0. I have created 3 different exchange rates for USD in the exchange rate table and when I run the batch job, it takes the latest exchange rate and posts the relevant entries to the customer/vendor/bank and realized/unrealized accounts. But if I were to run the batch job once again, with the same settings as the previous batch job (same starting & ending date, posting date, etc), the batch job window it will still make the exact same posting to the legders. So I end up with replicated lines in my ledger entries. Should not the 2nd time when I run the batch job the system check that similar entries have already been created from the earlier batch job with the same settings and exchange rate, and thus not process the 2nd batch job ? Can someone please advise me on how the adjust exchange rate batch job is supposed to work and if I am doing anything wrong or have failed to carry out some setup. Dianne

Hi, i have come up with the same problem. but i can’t re-produce it again. ý don’t think you have wrong setup or anything, i think it is a bug.i am using 4.0 sp1 TR Version.

Hi, I’ve created a sample Navision process documentation. I’ve used Adjust Exchange Rate batch job for the sample. You can find it at my site: It might help you figure out where the problem is. Borut