Adjust cost problem


I ran adjust cost report and get following error:
"Posting Date is not within your range of allowed posting dates in Item Journal Line Template Name=" ,Journal Bach Name=",Line No.=‘0’. "
How can i correct this error?

Go in Financial Management and then in setup menu, you will find there a menu called “General Ledger Setup”. In the first Tab “General” you will see allowed dates with to fields:

Allow posting from…

Alow posting to…

Check the dates and you’ll fix it, at least that’s what i hope.


I changed the dates in my test enviroment and generated the same errorr that u got, so i think that was your problem.


Thank you i’ll try

I did not find setup in Financial Management , navision version is 4

Try to search the tables and search for “General Ledger Setup”.

But if you can’t find that, i think that you do not have access so you should contact your partner to fix that.



For more detail see

I found “General Ledger Setup” and I have access to change date, but when i asked to do this, they answerded that in this case this works, but it will cause problems. They tried to change date in test database and the problem fixed. Exists another way to fix this problem? example to skip this item while it is adjusting cost?

If “Allow Posting From/To” contain values, there’s probably a reason. Be very careful if you want to change it!

If you have never run the Cost Adjust-Batch, and your company have postings years back, you’ll most likely get some nasty problems as NAV will do postings in closed years. And, believe me, your accountant will not be happy at all…

(Can’t see whether you are a NAV partner of an end-user, so) My advice is to contact a qualified NAV-partner and let him/her solve this for you. This may be a complicated one.
Whatever you try, try it out in a copy first.

An advice to you all: run the Cost Adjust-batch on a regular basis (at least monthly). Even of Inventory Setup’s “Automatic Cost Posting” and “Automatic Cost Adjustment” are activated.