Adjust Cost Not

Hi, I have found that the Adjust Cost Batch Job does not create any adjustments for a range of Average Costed Items. The Unit Cost for one item in particular is 148.00 but the Average Cost is 3311.00. There are clearly entries that are at the wrong cost but the Batch Job does not post any adjustments. I have developed a report that sets the “Applied Entry to Adust” field in the Item Ledger Entry table to TRUE. I have also updated the Output Is Adjusted field in the Item Application Entry table. Each time I run the Batch Job it does process these records and sets the “Applied Entry to Adust” to FALSE, but no adjustments are ever posted and the Average Cost remains incorrect. Can anyone help me understand where the possible problems could be. I have performed this test on multiple copies of the client database and there is no difference. Kind Regards, David

Hi David The most critical piece of information required is your version of navision as the adjust cost item routine alters every version, as do the fixes.

As far as i am aware version 3.70 the average cost field is a redundant field and should not be used, the unit cost is the replacement to the average cost. Not sure whether this helps but nevertheless worth knowing ?!

Just to give everyone some more background. I upgraded my client from Navision Manufacturing 2.6C to Navision 3.7. The Unit Cost is the cost that is pulled through to the Sales document. The Average Cost is not a redundant field. It reflects the true current average cost of an item at that moment in time. The program updates the Average Cost every time you post an invoice or an order. It also updates this field when you run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job. This is where my problem lies. Based on my understanding of this field and the batch job, I cannot determine why it does not want to post any adjustments when it is clear that the Average Cost is completely wrong AND the Item has a Costing Method of Average. The Average Cost is the Cost Amount (Actual) / Invoiced Quantity. The Cost Amount (Actual) is the Unit Cost * Quantity. Therefore the Average Cost should always be equal or very close to the Unit Cost value. Can anyone help shed more light on this subject. I cannot determine what else I should be testing for to resolve this problem. Kind Regards David