Adjust Cost Item Entries

When trying to run this batch job I receive an error message:- There is no Value Entry within the Filter. Filters: Item Ledger Entry No: 139792 This entry does not exist in the company I am running the batch on. However it does exist in a different company on the same database. I have never had this problem before and cannot understand how it can look at a different company!! Has anyone ever come across this before? Any ideas how to get around the problem? I am using Navision Version 3.7 Thanks

You have logged into the other company, and set a filter, saved it in your zup file then switched comapies. This is standard Navision.

I have removed the .zup file from both pc and server. I have also tried to run this from different PC’s Still get the same error message. Cannot see how this can happen. Can you help further? Thanks

What type of Item Ledger Entry are we talking about ?

If there are problems with filters - the simple solution is to [re]compile the table - here probably table 5802. And perhaps form 5802 as well. This solves most cases. Compiling an object causes ZUP-data for that object to be deleted.

The error message is as it says above. Looking in the Item Ledge Entry table there is no entry of that number however there is in a different company. Maybe you could clarify your question re ILE? Thanks

Hi, Maybe someone delete this entry from System, to check it you can take a look on table 339 or investigate it with item register.

Nigel, if you are telling the full story, then maybe Aloysius is correct. You should got to the object desinger, and run table 5802 Value Entry. select key “Item Ledger Entry No.” Filter on the field Item Ledger Entry No. with 139792 If there is a record here, then indeed you do have a Value entry that may need adjusting. rill down (F6) on the Item Ledger Entry No filed, and see if you then find this item ledger entry. If you don’t, then indead as Aloysius says, you have a problem. Either someone with a develoeprs license has deleted the entry or even worse, some one ran the Compress entries routine. Either way, let us know the results.

Hi David, they copied the company to create another company, deleted the unrequired Item Ledger Entries and Value Entries BUT forgot to the delete the Application Entries. Once I explained the error of their ways they created a routine which deleted the Application Enties and all was fine…Paul

It seemed it had to be something like that.