Adjust Cost - Item Entries vs Dimensions problem

Once upon a time when dimensions were not yet mandatory, some purchase/sales transactions were made. Now they are mandatory and “Inventory>Periodic Activities>Adjust Cost - Item Entries” gives an error named: “Select Dimension Value XXX for the Dimension Code YYY for Item ZZZ”. Unfortunately the Purchase and Sales documents dimensions can not be changed after they are posted! The code which performs the adjustment is spread out through several codeunits therefore it is hard to find where exactly i have to make changes into the tables manually to make it work. Any known workarounds to solve this problem?

Hi, We had the same problem a few months ago when we decided that some dimensions should be mandatory (big mistake!) and some should have the posting type “same code”. There is nothing you can do about it but modify the code. Ill tell you what weve done: we created a new type of posting (besides mandatory,same code,etc) and we had to modify the posting to g/l batch to automaticaly post the dimensions if they are of the type defined by us (kind of a “same code”). For the ones that are mandatory, youll just have to modify some code when you post to g/l "per entry".If you post "per group"...well, its not gonna be that easy. Good luck doing that! youre gonna need it![:D] PS: I dont think you should get that error on “adjust…” but on “post inventory…”.

This is way too long after the original posting but, for information, the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report gets Dimension values from the Value Entry table when posting to the G/L. So it is possible to change or add Dimension values to the Value Entry table provided that you have a full developers licence.

Hi, We are facing similar problem at one of our sites. This problem is coming when at the item level dimension value was changed from one value with dimension rule same code and then a new value was assigned with the dimension rule same code. Does changing only the value of dimension in value entry table solve the issue?

Changing just the value entry dimensions seemed to work for us. Any we did not need full developers license and though we do have a developers license I am not sure it was needed, just F3 and insert the missing dimension

Hi, A slightly different scenario on the dimension. The G/L A/c to which the entry flow from Inventory requires that the dimension code is mandatory. Dimension was mandatory on G/L account card. By updating just the value entry and item ledger entry things don’t just work.

Check the Ledger Entry Dimension table.

Even updating Ledger Entry Dimensions table does not solve the problem.

I’d say you are doing something wrong somewhere. I have done this, and it works fine. You need to update the dim 1 and 2 fields in the Vlaue Entry tablem and create new Ledger Dimension entries for them. (For concistency I also update Item Ledger Entries). What I normally do is to find a property of the Item or Location to pseudo generate the new dimensions, ou can also look at the source code and production order no if used, as these may give you some helpfull sources. If you can’t, then just create one dummy dimension (called say Z-HIST) and put all the entries there.