Adjust cost item entries..... Too Long to run the routine

Hi all!

We are running the item Adjust cost item entries routine and it takes too long ( about 9 hrs now). Until 2 days ago, it took 4-5 hours in the night to run it but today, it too long.

Please someone can tell what could be reasons? I see that this morning it took only 15 min on one particular item ( adjustment level code 4) . Please some ideas to solve this crucial problem as at the client site, no one can work.

Note: We have for manufacturing items, Bom levels max to 5.


Can you tell us more? Client- /application Version? Native or SQL Database? Service Packs?

Navision 4 SP2; SQL Database

Hm, how many items and item ledger entries (per day, week or month) we are talking about?

Sonds very strange. Especially increasing from 4-5 to 9 hours within days. I am cunnetly thinking about a “bad” sorting. You have many modifications? Maybe soneone changed a key in the ILE.

Have you checked the database size / fill?

Have you checked the space allocated to SQL logs?

Have you checked the disk apce available of the SQL server box?

How many inventory transactions are posted per day?

Tell use more and we can help you more…


Add is used also here - many jobs leder entries are created also due to that Add on.

Database file - 6GB

Space allocated to SQL logs -

Until now we have around 80000 transactions in the database

Numbers of inventory transactions posted per day - around 180

For information on:

“Have you checked the database size / fill?”

“Have you checked the space allocated to SQL logs?”

“Have you checked the disk apce available of the SQL server box?”

Please can you tell me more I can check that information?

Thanks for help me.