Adjust Cost Item Entries Routine (Yet another Query!!)

We have a customer who uses FIFO, therefore they need to run the above. They also want to control the posting date so they have turned off the automatic cost posting. However by running this routine Per Posting Group, which does control the date, they lose a certain level of analysis and dimensions.

We have tried running this routine per entry using the Closed Period Posting Date but this does not seem to work, It still posts into dates it should not.

Could someone advise whether this actually works or not please

There seems to be a feeling that this control has never worked in V4 and has only been fixed in V5, is this true

Many thanks for any help, in advance


First “We have a customer who uses FIFO, therefore they need to run the above”: Adjust Cost needs to be run regardless of the costing method.

What version are you on? Are those entries in a closed period? Neaning that they are prior to the “Allow from” date in GL Setup.


Our problem is that the posting still seems to go to a date that it should not. Does this Closed Period control only relate to Cost of Sales postings, or does it relate to all entries?


This relates to all adjustments to entries in closed periods. Adjust Cost will use the orginal posting date if the date i snot in a closed period. Closed period is defined as being prior to the “Allow from” date in GL Setup.

Can you give an example?

This is exactly how we read it, however we cannot get it to work. The user and g/l setup both are restricted for a date, however when we run the adjust cost, or post cost, it posts to earlier than the earliest date allowed.

Any help please

It looks only at the GL Setup, not the user setup. Has it been modified?