Adjust Cost - Item Entries Process runs very slow

Running NAV 6.0 R2 / 16 GB RAM / 2vCPU

Running the Adjust Cost - Item Entries process and it has already running for 20 hours. We do have thousands of sales transactions and many production orders that need to be processed (and put away) however, I can’t believe that this product can not handle our volume. We are not a huge company.

Any thoughts.

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For how many days you have not run adjust cost batch job ?

Is Automatic Cost Posting Enabled in Inventory Setup ??

What Parameter set in Automatic Cost Adjustment Field ??

Thank you.

  • Automatic Cost Posting is selected

  • “Never” is selected in Automatic Cost Adjust

  • It has been several weeks without running the process.

Hi ,

Doesnt Sound like you have too much volume. You should get a DBA to look into your SQL Server. Disk speed is very important factor , btw.

Also as Amol has been referring , it might help to set automatic Cost adjust to true ,that would take care of the adjustment at the time of postings . That would slow the actual posting a bit down , but then you dont need to run the batch itself.


Even with Automatic Cost Adjustment, you stil need to run the periodic adjust cost. It just has less to do. IMHO - I’m not a fan of the “Automatic Adjust Cost”. I think it creates more problems then it solves.

What scenarios would the automatic job miss?


Can the setting of the Automatic Cost Adjust flag be changed dynamically? i.e.: can I change the setting at any given time or would I have to run it, close all transactions, then make the change?


When you change it then it will start doing it automatically after the setting.

But as Babrown writes, then I also suggest that you continue to run the “manuel” process at least once a month.

I have Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 SP1. When i run Adjust Cost Item Entries for a single product, it takes six (6) working days continuosly to complete, no body uses the server during this period (very frustrating).

Number of items >=4,871

Average Cost Calc Type =Item, but we have changed it to Item & Location & Variant but still no improvement.

Question: What can be done to reduce the time Adjust Cost Item Entries takes to complete from days to few hours?

Inventory Setup Settings -General are as follows:

Automatic Cost Posting YES

Expected Cost Posting YES

Automatic Cost Adjustment NEVER

Average Cost Calc Type = Item & Location & Variant

Average Cost Period MONTH

Transfer Bus Posting TRANSFER

Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 SP1 is installed on Dell PowerEdge 910, Windows 2008 R2 SP1, Processor Intel Xeon L7555@1.875 installed RAM=128GB, 64bit windows.

Thank you.