"Adjust Cost Item Entries" Loops

Hello, we have a strange error in W.3.01.B Starting the periodic Activity “Adjust Cost Item Entries” the procedure loops always at the same article. The activity window shows Admt:1 - Adjust: Applied Cost and the Cost FW Level runs from 1 to 99 again and again. No solution available from the NSC. Any ideas ? Bernd Monitor ---------------------------- moved from “Technical Forum” Edited by - rmotzer on 2002 Feb 05 09:30:44

There is another problem reported on this forum re a stack overflow when there are more than 100 sales entries linked to the one purchase order. Your number 99 sounds a little too similar to me ? May have some relevance to your problem ?

The message is actually in the developer forum. You are right, this looks like the same problem. So it is unfixed since November. Puuh. bm

Hi In codeunit 5895 and the function MakeMultiLevelAdjmt You’ll find the statement MaxLevels := 100. This should be Your problem. After the loop has reached 100 there’s an EXIT. //Lars