Adjust Cost - Item Entries kills finsql.exe in NAV4.0

Running the Adjust Cost - Item Entries Periodic Activity,
when it gets to a particular item, the Cost FW level counts to 99 twice and then it kills finsql.exe.
This only happens in one of the two companies, so it looks like it is data dependant. We recently performed an upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0 and the customer is doing final testing. They are scheduled to go live on version 4.0 this weekend.

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi Carmen,

Can you let us know what Kill’s Finsql means please?

Do you get an error message?


No error message. No application event log entry. The client just closes. Looks like a memory violation or something like that.

So the client just closes on you? And nothing more?

Very Strange.



The Client is SP1 but the Objects are 4.0.

I’ve heard of errors in a SQL Environment with report 795 (NAV4.0) but they have actually come up with errors “Another user has modified…”, Record versioning in SQL.

But no error leave’s me a little stuck.

How big is the Database? Can you try to FBK it up, restore to a Native and try running the Adjust Cost there? If that is successful you can FBK the native backup and restore it to SQL.

This is dependant on DB size due to time constraints.

That’s the only positive course of action I can suggest at the moment.

David Singleton or Steven Weaver might have a better idea, but they are probably making Z’s at the moment.

If I had an error Message I could work on it!

Doing a backup and restore in native will only give you the error of insufficient stack. It looks like the adjust cost is running in recursive calls. If there is time do a back and restore and load SP1 objects at least and run adjust cost. What kind of inventory does the client have, Serialized? lot tracked? have you done any modification to inventory?

Thank you for trying, Tony.

I may try your suggestion just to see if fin.exe behaves the same. But I have the feeling that is codeunit 5895 that is causing this. It’s not easy to debug it though, and I’m running out of time…

I was hoping that someone out there has encountered the same issue and can point me in the right direction.



It’s a long story, but SP1 is not an option at the moment.

I think Ahmed is right, at least try to use the SP1 or SP2 objects and executables to run just the inventory adjustment routine, at least then you can identify if the problem has been solved. If it has then this would be the justifiation to go to the later version.

I though finsql would still stack out? Infact I’m sure I’ve had finsql stack out.

We have had a similar issue, and it was due to a BOM being set up as a component of itself.




Thank you for the tip. I checked up to the lower level of components and the Production BOM associated with the item is clean.


Are you sure its the correct item. Itsquite possible that you are seeing a different item in the upate window, than the one that is causing the problem.


No, I’m not sure. I only checked the item that I see in the window and all of it’s components, though.

What do you suggest?



Hi Carmen,

Just wondering how things went with your problem?

Did you get a resolution?



We are working with Microsoft on this issue. We are also planning on upgrading the customer to SP2 before the end of the month. This may or may not resolve the issue. I’ll keep you posted with any usefull information.

Thank you all for your contributions so far.