Adjust Cost Item Entries hanging

Good Morning-

Not sure if this is the right forum but, my client is on 4.0 sp1. They imported a large number of items into their existing system and ever since then, they cannot run Adjust Cost. It never finishes. They let it run for 32 hours over this past weekend and it just keeps going.

I can’t imagine it should ever take that long when they have Automatic Cost Adjustment turned on. i think it’s in a loop due to a problem with these imported items.

I’ve looked at the items and they are missing a few fields but, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. The Rounding Precision was set to zero. I changed that on my test database to 1 but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Although, in all honesty, I only let it run for 2 hours.

There is a field called Allow Online Adjustment. I have no idea what that is for but all of their original items have it checked and the imported ones do not. Does anyone know what that does? Could this be causing things to hang? I can’t easily change that field. It won’t let me do a find and replace.

If anyone has ANY ideas as to what could be happening here, i would appreciate it.




Please try below hotfix from microsoft.

Hope it helps you.



Hi ,

Is somebody change any code in Adjust cost routine

What is costing method?


2 things to validate if you have manufactured items:

  1. Low level code calculation
  2. Validate if there no items used as an output but at the same defined as component on the BOM.


I have had to run it manually by sections until I find the item that is hanging it up. I have chosen to do this by alphabet. In my case, run A* first, then B*, ect… then when I find out which segment contains the issue, I can narrow that section further to figure it out exactly which item. Then look at those entries and see what you find…

Thanks, everyone, for the input. I had already installed that hotfix, even though it really didn’t apply to them. They do not use Manufacturing so that is not their issue.

The version they are running (4.0 SP1) does not have the option to run Adjust Cost by item number.

I’m still at a loss