Adjust Cost Item Entries Batch Job - Too long

Hello, One of my client uses Serial Numbers and Lot numbers for Inventory with Specific costing method. It is taking us to Run adjust cost item entries Batch job around 6 hours to complete. Has anyone encountered this problem in Version 3.70 and is there a solution to reduce the time. Please help Kartik

Hi, Are you running first time? How much data you have, I mean after how many months you are running this routine? If you are running monthly then it will not take much time.

Hi, I have a customer who has similar problems. They are pushing a lot of items with serial numbers and the routine took a lot of time. Now we are using the application server to update every day so it’s not a problem during the day. Best of luck,

Don’t worry. We have customers that run the batch job sometimes for more than 8 hours:) You can try to optimize your tables in File-Database… before running the batch job