Adjust Cost-Item Entries batch filtering (Attain)

It is not possible to filter by date the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch what causes that Production Orders from different periods have the same Value Entry date. For example on the 9th of September we run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch with posting date 09.09. This batch will insert Value Entries for finished production orders from August and from the beginning of September with the date of 09.09. Than when we run the Post Inventory Cost to GL batch with filter on Posting Date for August (we want to post to GL only August entries). In this situation the Production entries from August will not be posted. This example shows that this filter is necessary. There is one solution - not to close Production Orders from the next period - so they are not considered by the batch. I added new field in Prod. Order Line: Posting Date and I tried to insert new code in codeunit 5895 (Inventory Adjustment): … MakeSingleLevelAdjmt; //–> TempProdOrderLine.SETRANGE(“Posting Date”,0D,PostingDate); //<-- WHILE TempProdOrderLine.FIND(’-’) DO BEGIN … This filter the production order lines that where posted before the batch posting date. It works but I’m affraid if it will not have any bad consequences. Does anybody solved this problem?

There was a lot of talk about Attain’s ability to create “back dated” or “historical” inventory costing reports. Whilst at first glance this apears the case, I have found a number f quirks such as this one that Bartosz mentions. The issue is not that there should be a filter, but that an individual Value entry must be made for each adjustment component. The way Attain compresses adjustments, makes it impossible to get historical inventory evaluation to be correct.