Adjust Cost For a period of time

hai there…

i have a question

my company didn’t do ajjust cost arrangely…

now, if just want to the adjust cost only until december 31st 2006

what should i do?

Adjust cost don’t post G/L entries. Only update correct item cost

From Online help
The batch job does not update the general ledger automatically unless the you have selected Automatic Cost Posting in the inventory setup. To update the general ledger manually, you must run the Post Inventory Cost to G/L batch job.

You should control posting dates to G/L enties with Post Inventory Cost to G/L

It will, however, post everything after December 31st, the posting periods control when the updates are posted, although it depends upon teh version, as they have altered everyone.

I do not believe you can run this to update transactions only up to the end of last year. Tio do this you would have to have run it on December 31st. I have no idea what setting the server and workstation dats to December 31st would do, but my guess would be nothing, it looks for transactions to adjust, the only question is “when” to post the adjsutment.

There’s no date filter for the Adjust cost process.

It also depends a lot on which version you’re using…

Not quite true; in version 3.60 and earlier you had to run the “Adjust Cost…”-batch and then the “Post Inventory Cost…”. But after some hotfixes in 3.60 and later versions do post in the “Adjust Cost…”-batch; but only if “Automatic Cost Posting” is checked in the Inventory Setup (as the help says).

I has assuming that has Automatic Cost Posting isn’t checked.