Addresses in AX 2012

I’m working on an upgrade to AX 2012 and beginning to integrate functionality that created new addresses for entities that now use the global address book. On page 19, the white paper Implementing the address book framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 applications describes the LogisticsElectronicAddressHelper class, which is to be used to programatically create new addresses in the GAB.

The problem is that this class does not seem to exist. I can create variables of its type, but I cannot access the classes members or static members. I do not see the class under the AOT\Classes node or the AOT\Documentation\Classes node. Does anyone else know if the name of this class has been changed or if there is an alternate solution? There are form based classes that do what I need, but they were not created to do this type of logic, while the class named in the white paper was.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m stumped at this point, and the paper specifically warns against creating the data manually.

There is no such class in the pre-release version.

Probably the document is not up to date.

Btw on the LogisticsElectronicAddressEntity class there is a static method called createElectronicAddress().

If you need to create/edit a postal address or electronic address (contact information) associated to a party, use the following methods on the DirParty class:



Please refer to table method smmImportRelationJournal.transferRecords() for sample usage.

Otherwise, Velisalav is correct use the LogisticsElectronicAddressEntity class to create it for non-party record.

Thank you for the help, that’s exactly what I needed for most situations here!

There is sample code here.