Address Setup - Street Read Only

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up some UK address data in my AX7 Azure demo image but for some reason on the “Street” tab I cannot change the country / region from RUS to GBR. Any clues gratefully received.



Where are you trying to change the address?
If you use the demo environment, we should be able to reproduce your exact scenario (using the same data).

In the demo image if you go to Organisation Administration > Global Address Book > Addresses > Address Setup and then select the “Street” tab. By default “RUS” is selected and there doesn’t’ appear to be a way to change the filter. Press the new button and “RUS” is already populated in the country / region field?

I’m not familiar with the table, LogisticsAddressStreet_RU, but according its name its something related to Russian localization. There is also code in the form setting it to RUS (based on the ISO code).
I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, but you probably shouldn’t be using Russia-specific table for it.

I’m not intentionally using any Russian localisation, it was just that I wanted to enter a street name into the address table but the field was always populated with RUS. . . . .

Then you’re at a wrong place. Non-Russian functionality doesn’t use any separate table for street names, you simply fill in text fields (Street, StreetNumber) when creating a new address, e.g. when adding customer’s primary address.

Really? I’m comparing my AX2012 environment with the AX7 environment that I’m using and AX2012 allows me to enter a street code and name? Interestingly that environment has all country features enabled apart from Russia so that might be the issue. . . .

I don’t have any AX 2012 on hand, but I’m 100% sure that LogisticsPostalAddress has identical Street field in AX 2012 as in AX 7. It’s an actual text field, not a relation to another table.

I’m not sure that you mean by “AX2012 allows me to enter a street code and name”. That’s not the question, is it? AX 7 allows that as well, your problem was about Country/region. If you meant that you can change Country/region in AX 2012, maybe Microsoft added extra logic to AX 7 to prevent users from unintentionally trying to use the Russian logic for non-Russion addresses. Look at the table name to be sure whether it’s the Russian table.

What country is specified in the company information of the legal entity where you are doing this?

I’m in USMF company, but it’s irrelevant, as far as I know. Using a different company won’t change anything from what I explained above, such as the table won’t suddenly stop being *_RU.

In one of the earlier CU of AX2012 there was a localization without the country turned on when the legal entity was set to specific countries - just wanted to check the legal entity was not RU to remove that as the issue.

I’m talking about AX 7, because that’s what the original question is about.

Yes Martin, I am aware of that. It was a simple question to ask the country code of the legal entity, the OP does not want RU elements, I wondered if the LE was set to be an RU LE. If not it eliminates that line of enquiry, if it was then I would ask why, but as yet no response!