Address master issue in customer master

hi all

in ax2009 vendor master and customer master in Address tab i couldnt find any datas,

but whn i chk from setup->address, am able to see the address data for tat particular vendor or customer,

can anyone help me to fix my issue

thanx in advance

Hi Arun,

The reason that you can see the address in one but not the other is because these data is stored in different table

The Address details under Address tab for Vendor and Customer master is stored in VendTable/CustTable table. While, Setup → Alt. Address store the address information in Address table

If you want to see the address details on the Customer / Vendor form, you can try to migrate the data using excel export-import (Export from Address Table, Import to CustTable/VendTable).

Note: you will need to know the table id and addressrecid (Customer’s/Vendor’s recid

Hi Arun,

try below job for 1 or 2 records -

Address address;
VendTable vendTable;
DirPartyTable dirPartyTable;
DirPartyAddressRelationship partyAddressRElationship;
DirPartyAddressRelationshipmAPPING partyAddressRElationshipmapping;
while select vendTable
dirPartyTable = DirPartyTable::find(vendTable.PartyId);
select partyAddressRElationship
where partyAddressRElationship.PartyId == vendTable.PartyId;

address = Address::find(dirpartyTable.TableId, dirpartyTable.RecId, AddressType::Invoice);

select forupdate partyAddressRElationshipmapping
where partyAddressRElationshipmapping.PartyAddressRelationshipRecId == partyAddressRElationship.RecId;

if (partyAddressRElationshipmapping)
partyAddressRElationshipmapping.AddressRecId = address.RecId;

check whether it will help u?