Address bar code location


I wanted to know the modules workflow while I am changing any company from the “Address Bar” as shown in below image:


I think it is related to “SysTaskRecorder_AddressbarEvents” class. but i am not able to trace this event. Actually i wanted to put my code below the setDefaultCompany() called from address bar.

Can anyone give me the steps (module wise) called when click on address bar to change company.

Thanks in advance.



Hi All,

As per the above description rearding breadcrumb bar in Ax 2009.

I wanted the exact location which is always called while I am changing the company using “Breadcrum Bar” in AX2009.

I have debugged two or more modules to findout its place as below but not getting any success.

Application->SetDefaultCompany() [Class]

SysDataAreaSelect->switchCompany() [Form]

Can anyone please look into this? Your help will greatly appreciated.

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Please provide me some helpful suggestion on this.

I am awaiting for any of your reply.

Thanks in advance.

you can restrict users from changing company in the security miscellaneous options and it has global effect.