Addons for Manufacturing

Hi Navision Word, I am trying to create list of additional functionality that we will need to write for success NM implementation. And I have two questions: - What should be written for success NM implementation? - What addons or additional functionality are available in the Navision Word? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Valentin Regarding AddOns for NavManufacturing, the first that I am working on is Production Lot Tracking, which is needed in most industries,especially Pharmaceuticals ( for lot recalls from pharmacies) , and Food Processors ( for expiry date) I have found a promising granule in an AddOn from the USA, which PhoenixBusinessSolutions have developed as their Advanced Distribution Plus ADD On. It has a Lot Track granule which might be easily converted from a Distribution to a Manufacturing environment. I am not a programmer, so I will need to have the posibility of converting the granule evaluated by a specialist. If you are interersted in developing this, please let me know. REGDS Elia

I’ve heard that Aston-Frontline has an add-on that they are working on that may be what you want.

BMI also has some strong Manufacturing add-ons worth looking at including forecasting.

Hi Cagnacci We have developed a solution for non discrete manufactures as; Bio-chemi, Chemical,Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Waste & pollution and Electronic (Batch) manufacturing companies. Some of the features are: Master Recipe, Lot & Batch No., Shelf Lifetime, Material Calculation Worksheet etc. Contact feel free to contact me for a demo cd or our excellent partner program. regards Henrik

Does anyone know if there is an addon that links Navision to Autocat? Martin Pennings Sittard Netherlands