Additional Sales Tax in india localization(NAV 2013 R2)

Hi Experts…
In navision we can calculation sales tax using combination of “Tax Area code” and “Tax group code” setup in TAX detail PAGE.i.e. i can calculate sales tax for one line each.
But i have one issue in which i have to calculate addition tax.i.e. if i have sales order with one sales line i need to calculate 12.50% sales tax first(on sales amount 5000.which is currently working well) and need to calculate addition tax on same sales line 2.5%(on sales amount 5000.which is currently facing issue).
Is there any way we can calculate additional tax in nav.

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India’s tax system is very country specific and complicated - for you to get quicker response I moved your post to Indian forum, as noone else than your fellow Indians are likely help you.

Meanwhile, browse that forum - maybe there already is an answer for you.

Hi Suraj,

I believe this is the same case as additional VAT is charged in Uttar Pradesh.

Create a new Tax Jurisdiction & a new Tax Group Code (2.5%).

Define Tax details with these two new created values.

Create/change existing Tax Area & select the previous tax jurisdiction with Calculation order “1” & newly created tax jurisdiction in next line with Calculation order “2”.

Now the system will calculate 12.5% tax & 2.5% on each line.

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This solution worked…!!!
Thanks a lot Puneet …[Y]