Additional Reporting Currency management during data migration

Hi Experts,

We are in the process of implementing a new customer. We have successfully migrated existing customer data. Now, we want Navision to automaticly generate Reporting Currency data (additional currency data).

In Setup->General Ledger Setup->Reporting, we selected the reporting currency. Then a message announcing that a batch job will run is displayed. On validation of this message box, nothing happens. No data related to Additional Reporting Currency is generated.

But surprisignly, when a new transaction is posted, LCY and Reporting currency data are created in the GL.

Anyone has an idea how to sort out this issue ? Thanks in advance


I am guessing that since you have had no reply since December, that this is not an issue any longer. If you have managed to solve the problem, please make a post to let other users know what the problem was.

If you are still having this issue, can you let us know which version of NAV you are using that is causing this problem? I tried this out on NAV 2009 and it worked like a charm, once I had completed the various required parameters.