Additional Reporting Currency in NAV 2009- clarification

Hi All,

I have faced a scenario on Additional Reporting Currency in NAV 2009.

Scenario in detail:

The Additional reporting currency has not been activated for a company. More transactions has been done for the company so far. Now I have tried to add USD as additional reporting currency as per the following.

In the General Ledger Setup–>Reporting tab, I have given the currency as USD. It has prompted me as message to run a batch job process. The batch job is supposed to recalculate the values of the posted transactions for the additional reporting currency given. The batch job required the Document No and Retained Earning Account. Once the job is completed, I have checked for the posted transactions and all is well.

But in the G/L entry when I looked for the document no given during the job process, I could see a lot of transactions passed for certain accounts with Amount as 0.00 but with Additional Reporting currency with some values.

Say for example,
Dr XXXX Account 49,184.00
Cr Retained Earnings Account 49,184.00
(Given during the batch job)

The description given for these transactions is “Residual caused by rounding of Additional-Currency”. I don’t know how this calculation is being taken into account. Why these entries are passed? Can somebody help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

So the balance in ACY is maintained.

If ForEx rate calculations rounding leaves disbalance in ACY, such postings are added - zero Amt, but some value in ACY.

Actually the description “Residual caused by rounding of Additional-Currency” says the same…

Hi Modris,

Thanks for the clarification provided.