Additional Report Currency setup

I need to setup Additional Report currency for a company that started working in Navision 2 years ago. What is going to happen with all the activity I have in Navision already? Is it gonna change based on each day transaction? Or is is gonna take the day I run the process?

In case it takes the exchange rate of the day I run the process. Which report I need to change?

When you change an additional report currency, it will create entries based in work date and not in exchange rate of at the time. Look at function ExchangeAmtLCYToFCY in report Adjust Add. Reporting Currency.

Instead of changing report you can run report Adjust Exchange Rates and will update amount based in currency dates.

I am getting this error"

Overflow under type conversion of Code to Code

135008-0000 ( I think this one is one of the G/L account)

Any ideas?

It can be in several places. Please activate debugger to check line that is originating error.