Additional Rep. Curr. in Memorundum Accounts

Hi all, I seek to get your opinion on whether this is intended can someone tell me why, or is it an oversite? I have observed that memorundum accounts like Bank Acounts, Customer Accounts e.t.c. do not take into consideration the existence of an additional reporting currency, but rather only the currency of the account in question, versus the base currency. It probably is because the additional reporting currency issues arise mainly in the G/L where management has all data summarised for whatever analysis they need. I have however found scanty needs by management to look at the data elsewhere in the system, in reconciliation with the data in the G/L. An example is a Bank Account in local/base currency. It will show the same amount both in the Balance and Balance (LCY) field, and the user who is interested in seeing these balances against those in the Chart of Accounts is at a loss. There are two ways to help the customer: Modify the bank Account Table, and Bank Account Ledger Entry Table to include the relevant fields, and then modify the Additional reporting Currency batch job (to include update to bank Acount Entries), posting function(s) OR Write a report that iteratively converts the posted entries on run to produce the desired add-curr balance. Problem with first one is it brings about a lot of customisation, and the second one, while it leave the system free of changes, may produce a slow report depending on the volume of data. Let me hear your opinions