Additional Product Information

I meet a special requirement while the Item should contain the “Customer Item Number” which means that the item number is different between our company and the customer.

So what is the best practice when i meet this kind of requirement ?

what if i also have to maintain other information for the product such as “Remark”, “Reference” and " xxxx No." ?

many thanks.

I think you can use the External Item Description feature for this requirement. You can specify your customer item number which is different from your company product number in this form.

Navigation: From Product details, on Sell tab under Related information there is a button called External item description.

The additional details like Remark, Reference etc… can be updated in Item text of this form. Try and let me know.

Hi Kiran,

This is what exactly i want, another question, what is the ABC code used for when i configure the “external item description”?

many thanks.

Here is a good explanation: