Additional language doesn't display in Languages selection


When I try to change languages in language selection (Tools - Languages) I cannot see the language selection only English displays(The other option should be MON (cyrillic)). But the same copy of client works in other pc. What it can be caused?

I have language module installed and I have a folder named MON in my exe’s folder.

I think it doesn’t depend on OS, right?

Any ideas appreciated.


Hi Amarjargal,

Well if you check the folders under the client folder of the pc where it works. Then you see which languages are installed. Most likely then files are missing on the pc that doesn’t work.

Yes, I know. And even the language folder is there it doesn’t work. But the same copy of client works on other machines.

Have you tried to copy the whole client folder from the pc where it works?

yes, same copy of client and same license.

Then it might be that the user have different user permissions to the files on the two pc’s.

But just another question. You are using the same database on the two pc’s?

Same db, same copy of client and only 1 user for the db, which is user.

But the language doesn’t show up.