Additional Fees

Hi, when issuing reminders and/or finance charge memos users can set up additional fees and also determine that they should be posted. However, Navision caluclates VAT on those fees and that VAT is included in the total amount to be paid. I haven’t been able to find out how to set up which VAT posting group should be used or if there should be no VAT on those fees. Also if a customer has check box for prices including VAT it does not affect additional fees. They are alwas excluding VAT and the VAT amount is added. Does anyone have a solution to this. Regards Draggan

Have you tried to add the vat group fields to the header/line forms?

You setup the accounts used to financial charges in the customer posting groups, and Navision takes the VAT setup from these accounts. Configuring these accounts accordingly in the chart of accounts should work to have no VAT added. From what I remember, the option “Prices including VAT” are only valid for item prices and item price lists. Saludos Nils

Th eprices incuding vat is used to determine if the sales price field in the Item card reers tothe Price incuding tax, or the price before tax. Its only used in retail environments where you need to print prices with VAT, but need the pre tax prce ont he actual invoice so that the final value is calculated correctly. I have never used this in an implementation, and don’t know if it still even works in the later versions of Navision. With the complexities in calculating VAT and Sales Tax, I don’t really see how it could now. (PS its was ver 1.3 last tiem I looked at the functionality).