Additional expense for items

The problem that I had faced now are like below : Sometime I had selling item that must be do some reprocessing activities before( such as repacked the item, renovate the item before sell it to the customer and so on ) The activities to prepare that item ( as I told in the example above ) must be have an additional expenses that must be add to the cost of the item ( the COGS I mean ) So that … when I sell it the cost of that item must be higher than before And it must be reflex in the General Ledger and Item Card How can I manage that kind of transaction in Navision Financial ? Agatha

Usually you would use a Bill of Materials and then “produce” the items with added resource costs etc. But it would get a new item no. Another way would be to use the Item Journal. Simply reduce the inventory. The items will be deducted from inventory at original post, and then post them back into inventory, where you add them to the new cost. It’s the same things you would do if you wanted to deduct the inventory value. I.e. a new computer came on the market at a much lower price - so you are writting of the value of the old ones you have in inventory. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group