Additional Costs on PO

There is no additional costs to an invoice in AP module. So the user should go to PO form to handle them through misc charges, for example. If the user in AP si not supposed to touch the PO form, is there another way to add this costs? I would accept even doing some customization. And another worry I have, using misc charges as additional costs. Ex: a PO has 2 lines 1. I receive one invoice for the first line with some additional costs. 2. in 2 month I receive the second inv for the second line, with some oher additional costs. I accept them as they are. I f I enter them as misc charges they’ll be allocated to the line. Is there a way to skip this allocation? thanks

Hi, What vertion do you use? Navision 3.x has functionality to allocate additional costs to purchase receipts and inventory transfers. Look at “Item (Charge)” option in the Purchase Invoice.

Yes I am using Axapta 3.0 What exactly do you mean by Purchase Invoice!? Maybe I am not very clear. I want to add costs for a PO at time of invoicing, wihtout touching the PO form. thanks for the quick answer.

Hi >>I want to add costs for a PO at time of invoicing, wihtout >>touching the PO form I understand you do not want to use misc. charges for this purpose. Have got few queries - a) How the users invoice without touching PO form? b) Do you want to do like this for all invoices? Are there any business rules that would determine the cost? Regards Harish Mohanbabu

Right now my users have Oracle in place. In Oracle they can add lines to an invoice without touching PO, reverse line if they did something wrong, prorate lines etc etc. The only thing they can do to a PO is view it. At least,they were ok with the fact that Axapta doesn’t keep in a PO the fact that PO needs a 2 way or a 3 way matching. They want of course the same thing from Axapta. Thanks a lot for your help.