Addition Duty on RR purchase


I am using Indian locations in AX.

In case of purchase from Trader my client can only take credit of duty passed in invoice.

Now that trader has made import of such goods and Additional duty is levied on the same which was later passed on to our client.

Now I am making tax structure in AX but it is not taking exact amount of ADC as it was comes to some wired percentages .!

Can anyone help how to resolve this or is it possible to enter passed on duty amount manually at the time of making purchase order as we can do the same NAV.!?



u can pass the amount g/l entries(codeunit 'Purch.-Post).

in every RR purchase case passing JV in GL entries is not that much feasible option.!!!

there should be any editable or adjustment field which ease the users to enter amount manually.!!!


Hi Jainal,

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?

When we purchase excisable material from trader who has no ECC number, then whose name get updated in Excise register?

  1. As PO raised on Dealer name-- AA

  2. Material Received with Excise Invoice from Party - BB

In Rg23A Part I and Part II , whose Name has to appear??

Please suggest.