Adding Web Parts in Digital Dashboard

Hi Guys… I’ve successfully installed a user portal for Cronus. everthing works fine… My Problem started when i want to add an additional web parts. Similar to a standard sales task web part but there’s many modification. I’ve read the microsoft’s ‘Building Web parts for Digital Dashboard’ white paper but still not clear enough for me. I use interdev 6.0 and web part builder add-in to create this kind of things. I follow all the instructions but doesn’t work. Any of you have faced those kind of problem before ? and what is .ddb and .dwp files ? what literature you recommend for me to read ? Thanks A lot Bayu

I’d read the User Portal Application Designer Guide for more info. It covers the contents of the various file types and would be a better place to start. DjangMan

Thanks DjangMan… where can i get that guide ? is there any in ftp ?

Hi, I have created many webparts for User Portal,pls specify the exact error which you get when you create a web part so that I can provide a solution easily. Abt the .ddb files,they are the digital dashboard files. and .dwp are the digital web part files.They need to be created everytime you create a new webpart. You can contact me for that document in case you do not get the FTP address soon.My email is Bye, Meenal