Adding to an existing report calculated fields and advanced logic

I completed my first report in nav, and now I need to add to the report. The report is I need to add some fields that are in the Item table….
(description and description 2 fields) need to be added and I need to sum the quantity field and NOT return any results with 0 in the quantity field only negative numbers .
This is how I would do the report in SSRS , can someone string me along on how to produce this report in nav. I am an extreme noob with Dynamics NAV

with rs as (
a.[Item No_]
,a.[Entry Type]
,a.[Posting Date]
,a.[Global Dimension 1 Code]
,a.[Global Dimension 2 Code]
,b.[Description 2]

,SUM(a.[Invoiced Quantity])over(partition by [Item No_]) as InvoicedQuantity
,SUM(a.[Invoiced Quantity])over(partition by [Item No_]) as Quantity,
RANK() OVER (partition by [Item No_] order by [Posting Date] DESC) as rn
from [Ulterra Drilling Technologies$Item Ledger Entry] a
join [Ulterra Drilling Technologies$Item] b on b.No_=a.[Item No_]
[Item No_]
between COALESCE(@startNo,[Item No_]) and COALESCE(@endNo,[Item No_])
and [Posting Date]
between COALESCE(@startDate,[Posting Date]) and COALESCE(@endDate,[Posting Date])

select distinct
[Item No_]
,[Global Dimension 1 Code]
,[Global Dimension 2 Code]
,[Entry Type]
,[Posting Date]
,[Description 2]
from rs r
join @english e on e.entNo=r.[Entry Type]
[Quantity]<> ‘0’
rn = 1;

There are a lot of places you can learn reporting. The training material from NAV available on CustomerSource and PartnerSource, the books from Packt available at and Amazon.

The forums are generally for more specific questions. Asking how do I do a report with grouping and totaling is a multi-page document. Try using the Report Generation Wizard, though, if you have not already. It may get you most of the way there.