Adding to a list of documents

Hi Guys,

Having successfully got the classic client and RTC to talk to each other properly, in doing so gone through several msdn walkthroughs; sorted my licencing problem, I’m back to the route of the request which I’ll ask as simple as I can.

Is it possible to add to this list: here from an external source using correctly formatted XML, yes or no.

If yes, what is the preffered method.

Preferably I don’t want end users to have to click on anything, the xml is uploaded to NAV via an upload / process to the server, the list of Purchase Invoices should be updated with the additional entries visible in the RTC.

If no, what is an alternative.

This is the whole reason for all my posts and I really need to get a definitive answer, as ever thanks in advance.

Just to add to this, the data can be in CSV format. I’m currently investigating updating the table(s) directly when I find out where the list is!

Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this? Surely there is a function / facility to do this :frowning:

Also asked the guys @ mibuso see if they can shed any light.

Ok, got a neat little httppost facility, created a V1_Purchase_Invoices webservice (which is basically plugged in to the Form 51 Purchase Invoices)

Q: What method does one use do I find out the structure of the XML necessary to post something to this?