Adding the column as street name2 in Address tab of custtable ,the combination of streetname & street name2 i will be displayed in address grid how to do that

i can add a column in the address tab of CustTable . Column name as street name2 in the address tab ,i want the address i.e combition of street name and street name 2 exhibited into the bottom of Address grid of customer form. how to do that, can any one solve this…if anyone unclear about this could u plz inform to me…

Modify the method formatAddress’'under table Áddress for desired results


Address format modification can also be done at > Basic>Setup> Address Format.

You can modify the element extended data type to street name 2 and then try create a new format


Modify DirPartyAddress class for your results. As the format assignment is also done thru that class.

thanks for ur rply …

i can add one more case for street name2 in format address but i didn’t get the street name2…could u plz alloberate ur idea plz…


I also facing same error.

Can u please tell me how you resolve this issue.

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